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The thrust of the psyche is towards wholeness.

Every blade of grass has it's Angel that bends over it and whispers, grow, grow.​ The Talmud

The thrust of the psyche is towards wholeness.

Seeing with the eyes of life

Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart. try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a foreign language. - Rainer Maria Rilke.

Transpersonal Psychology

“The thrust of the psyche is towards wholeness

Transpersonal Psychology was developed in the U.K. by Ian Gordon Brown (1925 -1996) and Barbara Somers at the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology, London, an accreditiing member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (U.K.C.P.) The Centre for Transpersonal Psychology is a member of the College of Humanistic and Integrative Psychology (HIPC) of U.K.C.P.

In the word “transpersonal’’, the prefix ”trans” means “beyond”. As well as embracing a sense of something beyond the individual person it also includes the personal. This sense of other is found at the heart of both spiritual and artistic visions as a source of healing and inspiration.

Transpersonal Psychology is an umbrella term covering a number of related approaches, both Eastern and Western, which combine modern knowledge with ancient wisdom. 

A transpersonal perspective can include the concept of a central core within every individual that is essentially spiritual in nature and seeks its most complete expression during each lifetime. C.J.Jung called this the “Self” and the journey to realise it the "Individuation" process.

The task of a transpersonal psychotherapist is to hold in awareness the client’s essential wholeness while staying alongside the client in the life struggles and difficulties that he or she is grappling with. This process can bring about healing and transformation. 

This approach is concerned with accompanying the individual as they work to discover their own potential, which can be released as they find the source and reveal the depth of their own being. Experiences of trauma, loss and crisis can emerge in the process of healing. Transpersonal psychotherapy attends to the needs of body, mind, feelings and spirit. All aspects of a person’s experience are welcome.


Transpersonal Psychotherapy

I trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist in 1989-90 with Barbara Somers and Ian Gordon Brown (Centre for Transpersonal Psychology London); and in supervision training in Edinburgh in 1994-95.

I became an accredited member of U.K.C.P. in 1996 and since then have been working in private practice in Edinburgh as a psychotherapist and supervisor with individuals and groups.

As a founder member of Transpersonal Psychology Scotland I was part of a team which held transpersonal workshops and full transpersonal psychotherapy training for more than a decade.

How long?: This depends on the nature of the work.
The work can be short or longer term, usually a weekly hour appointment.

Cost: £50 per hour





There are no training courses currently running; but if you are interested and want to be kept informed please contact me.


Details of forthcoming courses and workshops to be announced.

TitleDeepening your practice. A transpersonal perspective

with Christina McDonald and Rosanagh Bennett.​

If you are interested and want to be kept informed please contact me.


I have a transpersonal approach to supervision, taking in the landscape of the client and the therapist, their relationship and the therapeutic process. While in supervision issues may arise which touch on the therapist's own process, essentially supervision holds the clients interests at the centre. I look for an openess to whatever we might find, with curiousity and friendliness. Supervision is a place for compassionate enquiry and reflection and is an ongoing space for creative learning.

I provide supervision for students in training, graduate psychotherapists and councellors.​

Cost: £45


The jewel is lost in the mud, and all are seeking for it; some look for it in the east , and some in the west; some in the water and some amongst stones. But the servant Kabir has appraised it at its true value, and has wrapped it with care in the end of the mantle of his heart.
Kabir 15th C Hindu/Sufi mystic. Songs of Kabir.